Apple announced a large-scale cleaning in the App Store

The popularity category is extremely volatile and, as a rule, a limited number of factors, including the time frame. Even the fact that 5-7 years ago it was the height of fashion, today hardly evokes interest not only of consumers but even of the Creator himself. “Living” proof – App Store, which over the years of its existence has accumulated hundreds of thousands of abandoned and absolutely useless applications. Return it to its former ease and novelty can only thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

According to the CultofMac publication, a message Apple sent to all registered developers. Cleaning will be carried out in several stages, the first of which kicks off on 7 September. Store will contain the content directly or indirectly not conforming to the existing requirements of the company to the creators. This step will allow you to save the App Store from unsold goods, freeing the virtual shelves for a more contemporary and functional applications.

Thus, according to the individual provisions of the ultimatum, every developer has the ability to bring his creation to life by updating it in accordance with the rules. Removal also undergo the apps with irrelevant names, consisting of more than 50 characters, as well as those whose performance will cause the censors at least some doubt. If you are a developer and you have some questions, we strongly recommend that you contact the technical support Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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