Apple is forced to disable Walkie Talkie due to a vulnerability identified

Apple has discovered a Walkie Talkie vulnerability on a smart watch that allows you to listen to other iPhones without the knowledge of the owners, according to Techcrunch. The company can not yet explain the work of the vulnerability.

The application is disabled before finding out the causes and eliminating the error. Walkie Talkie will remain installed on devices, but will not work. Apple will launch it when a patch is released.

The company learned about the error through the report of the service of vulnerabilities and claims that no one had time to take advantage of it. Apple apologized for the error and inconvenience associated with the inability to use the application.

The Apple Watch Walkie Talkie application allows two users to communicate through the modified FaceTime Audio feature on the "clamp and talk" principle, as on a walkie-talkie.

Earlier, in 2019, users discovered an error in FaceTime group calls that allowed them to listen to interlocutors before they accepted the call. This error has been fixed.

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