Apple launches its own App Store iMessage

Everybody loves stickers. If you don’t like them, so they never used them. Otherwise to help you not possible. But, Apple still decided to do this, equip brand messenger is a special App Store, where every iOS user 10 will be able to download not only funny pictures, or even completely separate applications and casual games in-build. The app store is already available to developers and participants of the program of public beta testing. All others will have the opportunity to expand the functionality of iMessage tonight with the release of the final iOS build 10.

App Store, iMessage is almost the complete copy of the original store, interacting with developers and users a familiar principle. While some apps are completely Autonomous, while others – only copies already installed, allowing you to selectively transfer the full functionality of the software for use in the messenger. Standalone programs are an integral part of iMessage, existing and working exclusively within it. In order to distinguish the separate applications from the so-called extensions in the App Store there is a special note Only for iMessage.

Currently, iOS users 10 GM already available to a specific set of applications and stickers. The author of most of them is Disney offering stickers of multiple universes. For example, the package “Star wars” includes 21 animated sticker, which you can use emojis instead of boring as a completely original response to the messages. For fans of the legendary Mario brothers in the App Store is also available a matching set of labels. According to peroidically, all the stickers made at the highest level and the like are an integral part of the brand messenger.

According to the materials of 9To5Mac

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