Apple Podcasts breaking records and will soon appear on the Apple Watch

During 2018 WWDC Apple announced that the Apple Watch will soon appear in the Podcasts app and shared some of the achievements of the service. About it reports TechCrunch.

When Apple Podcasts has been updated in the past year, the company announced that the platform has already been downloaded more than 525 thousand different podcasts. During the year, the app got another 30 thousand a show, surpassing the incredible mark of 555 thousand unique programs.

They are available in more than 100 languages and in 155 countries. Also in the Apple Podcasts appeared the user who has achieved stunning success: his podcast Stuff You Should Know listen to more than 500 million times.

In addition, Apple broke a new record – in Podcasts more than 50 billion scrobbles in total. It definitely forced the company to take the platform more seriously and now she wants to increase the requirements to the creators of the show.

Apple has not yet announced the full list of necessary changes, but we already know that each podcast should be the original cover and the presence of certain metadata, such as pubdate.

Very soon Apple Podcasts will be available in 5 watchOS, which was presented at WWDC 2018. Now the system can set the developers to test all new features.

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