The invasion of the robots: Siri is too smart in iOS 12

Apple fans who for many years was blamed Siri for stupidity, may be very surprised to find out how smarter digital assistant has become iOS 12 – reports Cult of Mac.

Apple has unveiled new Siri abilities at WWDC 2018 in early June. Now she will be able to recall the events about which the user she is not even reported. One developer told a pretty spooky story.

“Oh, shit! I was just discussing the upcoming lunch with iMessage on the Mac. Did not create any events in calendar or something else, only led a normal everyday conversation about lunch. Then I took the phone in hand and saw it!” – written by Sean Heber on Twitter.

Lunch with melody seems important!
Enable “do Not disturb” until the end of this event

In iOS 11 Siri already knew how to create events in the Calendar based on messages iMessage. But now the digital assistant may prompt you to enable “do Not disturb” to learn about upcoming events from the recent correspondence.

In addition, Siri is not able to interact with correspondence to the Mac. But, thanks to iOS 11.4 function “Messages in iCloud”, I learned to do it. Apple engineers have been busy improving and restructuring the underlying technology to make it more useful.

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