Apple Watch saved the life of elderly American

Apple Watch can bring invaluable benefit of the “holders”. The device is not useless ā€“ an electronic bracelet may even save a life. Edition Life told the story of a woman from the United States, which was helped by a “smart” watch Apple.

As told by a Reddit user under the nickname Exjr, his mother, who works at the American’s hotel as a cleaner suffering from allergies to some chemicals in detergents. One day she became ill during the harvest. The woman asked permission from the employer, and ran to the nearest pharmacy, as even a small delay could bring her to the hospital. However, it the user forgot at the hotel a wallet and a smartphone.

It could be a fatal mistake, because the woman knows absolutely nothing about drugs: a drug used to buy her son. But to call him there was no way. Fortunately, it was at this point the user has written his cousin a text message and asked how she was doing.

Oddly enough, the message has reached the addressee: the fact that the watch is connected to wifi of the hotel or pharmacy, which once had connected her smartphone. A woman dictated to the son of his problem, and he immediately called her back and helped select the right medicine.

However, this problem is not over, because the remedy for allergies you had to pay. The young man did not panic, he quickly logged on my mom’s profile iCloud and found that the system Apple Pay is connected one Bank card with him. So he helped his mother to pay and hung up so that the payment went through. After five minutes the woman was povtorila son and said that it has become much easier.

“If she didn’t have hours, I don’t even know that could happen… I’m glad I bought her the Apple Watch”, ā€” summed up exjr_.

In March this year, heart rate sensor, Apple Watch saved the life of a Builder from Canada. A wearable computer showed that his pulse exceeded 210 beats per minute, so the canadian went to the hospital. Doctors, who have carried out preventive actions, explained that if he hadn’t went to the doctors, it is likely that night would happen the second attack and the man could not be saved.

Last year was a much discussed story of an American schoolboy Sex of the hole, whose life was saved thanks to the Apple Watch. Heart rate monitor on the watch warned him that with his heart rate, something is wrong. The teenager was urgently sent to a hospital where he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis syndrome caused by muscle injury.

This story so touched by Apple CEO Tim cook that he personally decided to call the teenager. In conversation with Paul CEO promised to get him a new iPhone, as well as pass an internship at Apple for the purpose of improvement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

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