Apple Watch will soon cease to support older applications

In beta watchOS 4.3.1 there was a warning that soon the clock will not open applications that were developed for 1.0 watchOS, writes Appleinsider.

When you open the old app which has not be en updated or appears that an older program will soon be incompatible with the platform. Apple also warns developers that they have updated app for better compatibility.

After clicking OK the application will open and work fine. Based on this we can conclude that watchOS 4.3.1 will be compatible with older applications, in contrast to future versions. Presumably, the failure of the old programs will occur with the release of watchOS 5 at WWDC 2018.

In November 2017, Apple ceased to publish to the App Store that were designed for watchOS 1. From the first of April, the developers should use the SDK for watchOS and 2 above, the company has placed an app in the store.

A similar notice was iOS 10. Then Apple warned users that 32-bit applications will not work in iOS 11, if developers do not update them.

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