How to configure AirPods

AirPods is one of the most sought after gift for users of Apple gadgets and not only. Tell how to configure these earphones, if you found them under the Christmas tree.

Name your AirPods

By default, the gadget will be called “AirPods (your name)”. To make the accessory more individual, you need to connect headphones to your iOS device, go to “Settings”> “Bluetooth”, click the “i” next to the headset and to type the name in the Name field.

Earlier we told you that you can use a small life hack in case you lose the headphones. It is enough to instead of the name to include your phone number.

Setting up dual touch

By default, double-tap any of the headphones will cause Siri, but it can also be customized.

In the same menu where you changed the device name, you can set actions for double-tap ā€” call Siri, start/pause playback next or previous audio track and off music.

Automatic detection of ear

This feature is enabled by default. She is responsible for the pause music when removing one of the headphones, or automatic playback in the reverse process.

To disable this option, go to “Settings”> “Bluetooth”> “i” next to AirPods.

How to check my computer

There are several ways to find out your current battery status AirPods, and some solutions work only in certain conditions.

  • Just open the box next to the iOS device where you sign in to your iCloud account. The screen will display the animation with the level of charge of the accessory.
  • Add the widget “batteries” on the home screen. It will show the current battery status of all connected devices. To do this, go to the home screen, swipe to the right at the bottom hit “Edit” and add “batteries”.
  • Life hack: use one of the headphones to extend battery life

    As you know, AirPods designed for several hours of active use. Each headphone individually can work up to 5 hours. If you want to stretch while using the headset, you can use one AirPod, and it’s time to charge the second.

    Pairing the headset with devices from other brands

    For pairing with devices from other manufacturers just open the case and press and hold the button on the rear panel for a few seconds. After the led indicator starts to pulsate in white, go to the Bluetooth settings of the other device and pair with AirPods. At the end of the process the led will remain green.

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