As the police “hacked” iPhone

After the case iPhone 5c terrorist from San Bernardino, it became apparent that law enforcement agencies require tool to extract data from iOS devices. One solution was a utility UFED from Cellebrite, which specializiruetsya hacking into the encryption of mobile devices and access information on them.

Edition ZDNet told how powerful can be this utility. UFED actively used by police departments in the US and told about how it works. For example, iPhone 5 with installed on Board the iOS 8.

The phone was not password protected, and only a few seconds UFED got access to all the information on the device. In this case the officer sees, does remove any data that is “penetration” is not at the level of iTunes. The report includes all necessary information: messages, call history, notes, contacts and more. The main advantage of the program over iTunes in that it gains access even to those data that were deleted.

The main thing here is to pay attention to the iPhone was not encrypted, that is, the utility can’t hack the device, as ordered by the FBI in the above case. Cellebrite claims to crack passwords only on smartphones before the iPhone 4s newer devices, including iPhone 5s, almost impossible to hack due to the Secure Enclave.

By the way, Apple itself is a customer of the Israeli company Cellebrite. It uses the company’s solutions in its retail stores to download and upload data from iPhone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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