Bill gates talked about how he helped create the series “Silicon valley”

The founder and former head of Microsoft bill gates said in his blog about how the authors of the series “Silicon valley” turned to him for advice. Gates also told, on one of the characters of the series he looks like.

According to bill gates, he has friends in Silicon valley who refuse to watch the show because they think he makes fun of them. While gates is convinced that “Silicon valley” fully reflects the current situation in the region.

Also, the head of Microsoft was one of the few representatives of IT-sphere, who advised the creators of the series. They talked about the history of the industry and discussed some of the ideas that went into the fifth season. In addition to gates, the authors of “Silicon valley” turned to the former Director General of Twitter dick Costolo and investor Mark Andressen.

According to gates, it is most similar to the main character of the series is Richard Hendricks, the founder of a startup “Spotted the Piper,” “which is an excellent programmer, but he needs to learn to manage people”.

In the end bill gates described the main flaw of the series. “Silicon valley” creates the impression that large companies are not able to come up with something new, unlike the young startups. Gates believes that it is not. He explains this by the fact that large companies have a long-term point of view and the ability to provide large investments for research, which I can not afford to smaller companies.

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