Apple Watch to warn of sunburn

Apple wants to add to the Apple Watch a feature that would warn of long exposure under the sun. In the future, the watch will try to prevent sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.

The patent and trademark office received a patent application from Apple entitled “Dosimeter for ultraviolet radiation and the prevention of impact”. It describes a system in which sensors detect the UV radiation of solar light and watch for its effects on the human body. If the user spends long time under the sun, the system will warn him and even tells what to do if the radiation levels exceed the norm.

Image provided in the patent suggest that a new system will be part of the Apple Watch. It would be logical, since watches are always on hand. In addition, the company develops Apple Watch in the medical direction.

The patent says that the device has a number of sensors for detection of UV radiation. They can be supplemented with external light sensors and infrared light. This is necessary to provide more accurate data on the amount of light and determine where the user is.

Apple routinely gets patents, but not all of them are reflected in future devices. The possibility of determining ultraviolet radiation will be a big step in the development of the watch and complement the existing medical functions such as heart rate sensor and ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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