Bloggers have tested the detection of the fall of the Apple Watch Series 4

One of the innovations of the Apple Watch Series 4 was the detection of falls of the owner. Thanks to special sensors, the smart watch may determine the fall and call the emergency services.

On the YouTube channel “What’s Inside?”, bloggers conducted a series of tests on the Apple Watch Series 4 to find out what hours qualify as “fall” and what is not. First, it is important to note that by default, the function of fall detection is disabled. The option can be included in the “Watch” app on iOS.

The first three tests they conducted in a specially equipped room. Apple Watch could not locate any “downs” when you use the trampoline, soft surface or a gym Mat.

However, when bloggers have experienced a drop to the floor, the smart watch has been notified that the fall happened and offered to call the emergency rescue service.

It is worth noting that the Apple Watch Series 4 really can detect when the owner falls on a soft surface, and therefore do not consider them “real lows”.

The new feature works not perfect, but the fact that a smart watch asking after each of the alleged fall, whether the man fell or not, means the interest of Apple in the development of this technology.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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