CarPlay and Android Auto are gradually becoming a standard option in cars

It may seem that in comparison with iOS and macOS, CarPlay is not an important Apple product. Canalys analysts refuted this view, saying that such systems have become the norm, reports Cult Of Mac.

CarPlay and Android Auto are gradually becoming a standard option in cars

Analysts have conducted the analysis of the automotive market and found that at the beginning of 2018, CarPlay and Android Auto was available in 46% of new cars in Europe and 52% of new cars in the USA. The majority of car manufacturers give the opportunity to choose which system to install in the car. The exception is the BMW Group, which offers only CarPlay for BMW and Mini.

“We rely so much on smartphones, but we don’t have to touch them while driving. Drivers can now see the familiar interface of your smartphone on the car’s screen. They can also manage entertainment content and run certain applications.

Before voice control was rarely used but was available in some premium cars. Smart assistants that are in smartphones, speakers and televisions, is now available in many cars. They bring a new experience of interaction with the machine functions,” said Canalys principal analyst Chris Jones.

In addition to the systems for other manufacturers, Google and Apple are actively developing their own unmanned vehicles. Recently it was reported that Apple together with Volkswagen to create unmanned buses Presumably, they are intended for employees of the company.

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