What Apple need to steal from competitors to stay on top

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” — so said Pablo Picasso, and is one of the favorite quotes of Steve jobs. After retiring from the life of the founder of Apple went their own way, not always clear, from the point of view of logic, but it is still successful on the basis of profit.

The company from Cupertino is an urgent need to expand its course towards the “politics” of Steve jobs at the peak of success, when it created the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple has evolved the way of “borrowing” successful solutions and bring them to perfection. There are several points that urgently need to copy cupertinos other manufacturers.


Please note what chaos is happening in the connectors of the devices from Apple. In the new iPad, the company abandoned the Lightning in favor of USB-C, while the iPhone XS and XR, it was decided to leave Lightning. EarPods will not fit new MacBook and iPad 2018. To charge iPhone from your MacBook you need to purchase an additional cable. Urgent need to deal with this chaos and lead connectors with their devices to a common denominator — USB-C.

Best camera

Let’s be honest, the iPhone camera is no longer in the top — this place holds Huawei P20 Pro, which soon is able to crawl only Huawei Mate 20. The current flagship for Android, such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel S9 3, off at the iPhone XS and XR, and in some cases much higher. The Apple engineers involved in the development of chamber modules, an urgent need to string up and to reinvent the smartphone with the best camera.

Adequate pricing

One may blame the economic situation of our country and the dollar, but from the point of view of the cost of Apple devices are overrated. As the argument so interesting pricing, the company representatives can voice the high cost of engineering solutions, marketing costs, and in fact such prices are determined by a desire to lay a robust design margins to please investors.

The autonomy of the iPhone

Used to make fun of Android users, who lived “from outlet to outlet”. Now the situation has changed in the opposite direction and most of the Android flagships show a longer battery life. Battery iPhone urgent need to do something!

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Clifton Nichols

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