The most useless accessory cover for HomePod

As you know, Apple products are the most sold and recognized in the world. This is often used by manufacturers of various accessories which sometimes produce absolutely unthinkable.

First there was the cell phone, and later with the advent of tablets, manufacturers began producing various accessories for them. Was also the Apple Watch, although the idea of a protective case for a smart watch sounds ridiculous. The only justification for all these accessories can be just what all of the devices which is these cases are mobile. In other words, cases are justified, because in case of falling your iPhone, iPad or MacBook without a case is most likely to get a broken screen or scratches on the body. But how to explain the cases of those gadgets that are at home and not intended for everyday carrying? I think that few readers have heard of cases for smart speakers Apple HomePod. Sounds crazy, but the sites like Amazon and BestBuy are filled with offers on protective cases for the HomePod. See some of them.

WAWAHA HomePod Cover

According to the manufacturer, the mesh cover of elastomeric material can protect speaker from dust and prevent scratches on the case. The kit includes two covers ā€“ black and white.

Price: from US $ 14.

LuckyNV Protective Carrying Cover Skins

Accessory more like the Soviet slipcovers for dummies. It is made of high quality durable neoprene (synthetic rubber) that will protect the smart box from dust.

Price: from 13 USD.

Elastic Anti Dust Cover

Conventional elastic fabric that is worn on the HomePod, but it is obscenely expensive. According to the manufacturer, one of the reasons for buying this case is that it comes in 7 different colors.

Price: from 35 USD.

Protective Bag Cover

The model is made of high quality and durable silicone, which covers a large area of the HomePod. I wonder how much less the sound volume in this case.

Price: from $ 10.

HomePod Travel Case

Perhaps the nicest accessory in this collection ā€“ waterproof case-bag for transportation of the HomePod. Although, it is unlikely that in a short trip, in addition to laptop, tablet and clothes, anyone will want to carry a smart column Apple.

Price: from 20 USD.

Please note that all these cases are in demand on the American market. Based on the number of proposals, it is easy to imagine what will happen on AliExpress, when HomePod will go on sale in China early next year.

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