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Apple called 2 more reasons to switch from Android to iPhone video

Apple continued a series of commercials in which he compared their devices with the developments of the competitors.

Both videos last only 15 seconds and demonstrate one of the features of the smartphone brand of the Corporation. Naturally, the marketers did not miss the opportunity to make fun of its main competitor and to exhibit their products best.

First movie is called App Store. It shows how the buyer gets substandard and even dangerous goods, and then goes to the …


Roskomnadzor has denied blocking Google

On the official website of Roskomnadzor, there was a denial about the blocking of Google’s services. The three-day experience problems with access to Google products.

Roskomnadzor said that it had not made the IP address of Google in the register of banned sites. Previously, the Agency reported that the registry got the IP addresses Google used the Telegram to bypass the lock.

In connection with the publication of reports about limited access to network resources of Google, we …


Pavel Durov called the actions of the administration Telegram “digital resistance”

The struggle of Roskomnadzor and Telegram continues the third week. The Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov from time to time commented on the events.

This time Durov told why the administration Telegram tries to resist the authorities (quite successfully) and what is really going on. According to Durov, neither he nor anyone else in the Telegram is not trying to break the law. They’re all just trying to defend a free Internet and user rights.

On his page in the social …


5 updated apps that are worth paying attention to

Talk about the latest updates in the App Store.

Drafts 5

The developers of Agile Tortoise has recently released a major update to its advanced semitechnical Drafts. This application to create drafts of text that supports markup markdown, java scripts, and automation with other applications. In Drafts you can write anything from large articles to tweet. And directly from the program to post the marked-up text to any social network or export to some popular format. In General, …


A12 processor will greatly increase the speed and time of the iPhone

Information about the performance and efficiency of the new processors Apple will be in September, but already now it is possible to increase speed by 20% and reduce energy consumption by 40%.

And this is just the minimum that can reach the Apple. The real figures will probably be higher. These values are based on information received from representatives of the plant TMSC producing mobile processors for iPhone and iPad.

This year TSMC goes to the 7-nanometer process …


Full story iOS

Talk about how to develop the most advanced operating system in the world.

Demonstrating the first iPhone, Steve jobs called the device the competitors children. Apple, in turn, made the industry and showed how to be truly smart phone.

In the first version of iOS (then iPhone OS) had many advanced features and capabilities. But, if you look at them now, it seems that it’s not a smartphone, but just a toy.

Steve jobs always believed that the development software you need to start …


Roskomnadzor has blocked a portion of Google IP addresses

On 22 April, some Russian users have found that they did not work part of Google services, including home search engine. The consequences of the struggle of Roskomnadzor Telegram.

In the group Roskomnadzor in “Vkontakte” there was a record in which the Agency confirmed that it has blocked a number of IP addresses Google. This is because Google used the Telegram as a proxy.

Google to date has not satisfied the requirements of Roscomnadzor and in violation of the verdict of the court …


10 most anticipated games for iPhone and iPad that will be released in 2018

Talk about gaming news, which will be available this year. Among them the long-awaited ports on the PC and consoles, as well as exclusive mobile projects worth sharing.

PayDay: Crime War

This year needs to go mobile version of the popular Steam on consoles shooter PayDay. Dynamic simulation of a robbery rather quickly won the love of gamers for the “adult” platforms and is coming soon to conquer the iOS. Gameplay will be based on the confrontation between robbers and security …


All that is known about the Apple Watch Series 4

Described rumors and speculation about the device, which will likely be called the Apple Watch Series 4.

In the second half of this year, Apple will likely release a new timepiece. The company Tim cook is unlikely to leave the market of wearable devices without updates for a whole year, so you can count on the Apple Watch Series 4.

Discuss what is known about the Apple Watch Series 4 to date.

Time out

KGI analyst Min …


Employees working on Apple-branded iOS 12 iPhone 5S

Perhaps, the new operating system will be available on iPhone 2013. This was reported by a Reddit user.

He demonstrated the test reports web engine, WebKit, developed by Apple, the iPhone 5S simulator. That is a pretty solid proof that Apple is indeed planning to release iOS 12 on this device.

This will be one of the few smartphones of the Corporation, which received 5 updates in its lifetime. Its predecessor, the iPhone 5, only 4 changed the operating system since the …