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Roskomnadzor called the lock “Yandex” and “Vkontakte” technical glitch

In the night from 26 to 27 April for a few hours in the register of banned sites has got the resources against which the Roskomnadzor did not put forward any charges.

The number was blocked Yandex and the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, Facebook, Twitter, etc. the online community responded immediately to the lock, noting that the situation created by Roskomnadzor, may be on the hands of cyber criminals. From the struggle with multiple locks, the company may not notice …


Best VPN clients for iOS and macOS

A selection of top-class VPN services for computers and mobile devices.

Given the difficult situation with the Internet in Russia, which arose in connection with the “lock” Telegram, many users probably already figured out what is VPN, what is it and how to use it.

For those who don’t know: VPN is a technology that allows you to bypass regional restrictions online. It helps not only to get out of the shackles of the state, trying to block the entire Internet, but to get access …


How to use built-in iPhone and iPad dictionary?

Tell how to look up definitions of words using only the tools built into iOS.

IOS 11, Apple has integrated a handy dictionary right into a search engine Spotlight. It contains a large database of words and expressions in different languages, which is always at hand and does not require Internet to work.

To access it, you need to swipe down on the desktop and enter any word in Russian or English. In the results list at the bottom of the graph will appear with the definition of …


75% of people prefer to work on iOS instead of Android, 72% Mac instead of the PC

The study showed that the companies in most cases prefer to use iOS devices and computers running macOS.

The company Jamf develops solutions for educational institutions and the private companies which help to optimize the workflow. On the website Jamf recently, a document with the results of the study “the Impact of device selection on the employee” (original – “The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience”), which showed that three-quarters of people will choose as a …


Roskomnadzor may disable the updates of applications and operating systems

War of Roskomnadzor and Telegram could escalate into a widespread lock of app updates in the App Store and Google Play.

As reported by telegram-channel “Nesigur”, RCN sent out to the operators of the special document for internal use that describes the mechanism of “test blocking traffic”.

In the document, this step is called “experiment”, but than eventually it will spill over to ordinary users. According to the document, operators will be able to block mobile traffic, …


iOS 11 installed on 76% of compatible devices

According to information on the Apple website for developers, iOS 11 installed on 76% of all compatible models iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: 11% more than in the beginning of 2018.

The graph shows that 19% 11 compatible with iOS devices still function on iOS 10. Another 5% of the devices are marked as running on earlier versions of iOS. As it turned out, the number of users using the latest software, rather rapidly.

In January 2018, the share iOS 11 was equal to 65%, iOS 10 and …


Свежая подборка временно бесплатных приложений для iOS

24 April 2018 is a great day to share a fresh selection of temporarily free applications for iOS gadgets.

Fontz App

The program contains a large library of fonts. If desired, the user can set the label for any color. The program allows working with images from the library and to take pictures directly from the app.

This program usually costs about 4 dollars, but temporarily it can be downloaded for free in the App Store.

GearTheme — Live Wallpapers HD

In …


6.5-inch X iPhone may, will support iPen

Despite the fact that Steve jobs was a staunch opponent of styluses, Apple products seem to not be able to go without them. BGR reports that one of the models of the iPhone X will be compatible with iPen.

iPen is not a new development. Apple has patented an accessory back in January 2014.

On propagating through the network to rumors, the 6.5-inch iPhone model X is equipped with OLED-display Samsung, can come to replace an iPad mini. Stylus support will be a good competitive …


We recommend the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The universe of Harry Potter has been recently upgraded with a new mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Jam City Studio in collaboration with Warner Bros. released the game, the events that is happening in the world of magic, Rowling. In the first seconds after character creation, the player receives a letter from Professor McGonagall, and begins to prepare for first semester at Hogwarts.

A walk in Diagon alley, buying books, going to the shop of Ollivander, and meetings with …


In Russia start a program of buying an iPhone subscription

According to “Kommersant”, the Russian retailer re:Store together with the American company Belmont and HKF-Bank to launch in Russia-buying program iPhone subscription.

According to the publication, customers will be able to change the iPhone for a new one, paying it monthly payments and handing over the old fixed cost.

The subscription program for iPhone in re:Store will be launched on Friday, April 27. The company believes that in the near future similar opportunities will appear …