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AliExpress: 10 accessories required for every MacBook owner

Apple still produces some of the best laptops in the world. The main complaint about them is the unfortunate design of the keyboard: the butterfly mechanism often fails. But soon, according to rumors, this will be fixed. As for the rest, you can only find fault with a not very low price, a small number of ports (there is not only a slot for memory cards, but even a standard USB) and a poorly supplied package. There is nothing you can do about the price, and the other two problems are easy to solve by purchasing accessories. For example, on AliExpress.

7v1 hub for macbook pro

Since 2016, Apple has been releasing a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports, which causes certain inconveniences when working with external drives or other peripheral devices. The company sells a branded adapter with three …


AliExpress: 5 cool DJI gadgets with up to 30% discount

DJI is a world famous manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles and video equipment that are in demand among photographers of any level: from amateur to professional. We have collected the best gadgets of the company, which is worth buying right now.

Have you ever wanted to buy a quadrocopter or a camera to start doing a vlog? From July 8 to July 10, the DJI Grand Store store conducts a sale of gadgets. Discounts – up to 30%.

OSMO Mobile 2

One of the best manual three-axis stabilizers on the market. The gadget is compatible with all modern smartphones up to 7 inches. In addition to the proprietary application DJI Go stabilizer support some other applications for professional shooting, for example, Filmic Pro, ProMovie. The battery lasts for 15 hours. The device weighs 485 g. With the standard 1 / …


"Our business is not to go beyond one’s own": privacy becomes the main theme for Apple

Apple placed a billboard with the text “Our business is not to go into our own” (next to the Canadian headquarters of Alphabet, a subsidiary of Alphabet). The iPhone maker once again hints at privacy issues that Google cannot solve (also owned by Alphabet).

Recently, Apple has positioned the protection of user data as its most important competitive advantage. The company emphasizes that, unlike Google and Facebook, it does not give these users to the side – for example, advertisers. During the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas, Apple decided to roll out its exhibitors by posting a banner that says "What's happening on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone."

In May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai accused Apple of turning privacy into a luxury item. He obviously meant Apple pricing. Its gadgets are much more expensive than analogues on Android. …


Motherboard iPhone XI lit up on the photo

The first images of the iPhone 2019 content appeared on the SlashLeaks website. Judging by the photos, the iPhone XI motherboard will get a rectangular design, as in earlier models of Apple smartphones.

IPhone X, XS and XR have L-shaped motherboards. Apparently, Apple changed its size and shape to increase battery capacity and make room for the new three-lens camera system.

TFI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier that the iPhone XI battery capacity will increase by 20%, XI Max by 10%, and the iPhone XIR by 5%. A larger battery is needed to support two-way wireless charging for the AirPods and the new Apple Watch.

Externally, the new iPhone models will differ from the current generation only in camera modules and frosted back panel. Apple is expected to give a presentation on September 10th.

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HTC fights for survival

HTC’s share of the global smartphone market fell from 10.7% in 2011 to 0.05% in 2019. It looks like the company has reached the bottom. But in June, its sales for the first time in a long time showed an increase compared with the previous month. And almost doubled: HTC’s revenue in June was $ 44 million (the best figure for seven months), in May it was only $ 24.16 million.

The main driver of HTC sales is the U19e smartphone on the Snapdragon 710. It is in demand, despite the relatively high price (about $ 480). In the near future, the company will release a more affordable device – HTC Desire 19+.

In 2008, it was HTC that released the world's first smartphone on Android. While the operating system from Google was gaining momentum, the Taiwanese company was among …


iPhone XR will be assembled in India

Apple will launch production of the iPhone XR and XS in India soon. It is reported by Reuters, citing an anonymous source.

Now Apple is already producing in India iPhone SE, 6S and iPhone 7 for the local market.

India is a huge market for smartphones, but the iPhone sells poorly in the country due to high prices. Production of gadgets in the country allows them to slightly reduce.

Assembled in India iPhone XR may go on sale next month. Whether smartphones of the Indian assembly will be delivered to other countries is unknown.

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AliExpress: 10 smart pet accessories

All sorts of gadgets and other gifts of scientific and technological progress can serve well not only to a person, but also to his smaller brothers. For dogs and cats, of course, they do not produce smartphones, but there are a lot of other curious devices that make life richer and more comfortable. For this collection, we chose ten items with AliExpress, which are definitely worth paying attention to.

Clip on the smartphone for photographing animals

If you took photos of your pet at least once, you probably faced such a difficulty: it is almost impossible to get the pet's attention so that it looks directly into the lens without the aid of foreign objects. This problem is solved with a special clip on a smartphone with a ribbon holder, on which the pet's gaze will be focused.

Buy for …


The public beta versions of new iOS, macOS and other Apple OSs have been released.

Apple released the first public beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 for all participants in the beta program.

The first public beta of iOS 13 corresponds to the second build for developers released last week.

To join the beta program, you must register on the Apple website.

Don't forget to create a full encrypted backup in iTunes or in iCloud before installing the beta version.

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What will the next iPhone

Since the beginning of the year, Apple managed to hold spring and summer presentations at which new services of the company, operating systems and hardware innovations were announced – in particular, super-power and terribly expensive Mac Pro. Since mid-March, Apple has improved a number of other products: iPad Air, iPad mini, AirPods, iMac, MacBook Pro.

Traditionally, for the second half of the year, Apple leaves the loudest announcements: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad Pro and, perhaps, something completely new.

Which iPhone will Apple show this time

Since 2017, Apple has presented three smartphones at the September presentation. This year, the company will almost certainly announce the iPhone XI, XI Max and XIR.

Insiders claim that the third generation of frameless Apple smartphones will keep the bangs. Perhaps it will decrease in size.

XI and XI Max models will receive Samsung OLED …


"Real beauty is in simplicity." Design rules by johnie ive

Nothing is eternal. Still, it's hard to believe that Apple will be left without Johnny Quince. On June 28, Apple's chief designer announced that he would leave the company in a few months to develop his own design studio, LoveFrom.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1994 after exile, he discovered a mountain of rubbish in it (almost all the products that the company released in his absence failed miserably) and one pearl: a young British designer who had moved to California two years earlier. Soon, Ive led a team of industrial designers and began to invent things, each of which became the gold standard.

When Jobs was no more, Apple fans reassured themselves that the company would continue to work with the person who made the iPhone, MacBook, iPad and iMac look and feel that way, and not …