Caviar glued iPhone and Apple Watch. Price of the device — 1.4 million rubles

Caviar a Russian company has introduced a new series of finishing “Swiss Dreams”. The flagship of the collection — Xs-Max iPhone from Apple Watch back cover for 1.4 million rubles.

According to the authors, they should be equally respected unchanging stylishness of Swiss watches and the Apple breakthrough technology. However, this does not help to understand a strange device. Over 1.4 million rubles, the buyer receives iPhone Xs Max in a custom case made of leather and metal with gold 750. At the rear, closer to the bottom edge of the band soldered Apple Watch Series 4.

The functionality of this structure is not disclosed. For example, not completely clear on the principle of charging for hours — magnetic connector there is no place exactly in the gap between the gadgets.

In addition, the pointless and the position of the accessory. The Apple Watch is designed to monitor the health of and to relieve the owner from the notification. Neither one nor the other in the Caviar can not offer.

However, in the line of “Swiss Dreams” there are more practical gadgets. Most phones simply decorated with imitation straps on the back panel — and sold at a price of around 300 000.

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