Denon has released specifically for the iPhone in-ear headphones AH-C621R

Denon has introduced a new model of compact headphones AH-C621R designed for use with the iPhone and iPad. The device provide “uncompromising sound, comfort and have a stylish look”.

Denon clad in an aluminum body, and patented loudspeakers with a diameter of 11.5 mm, tuned to flat frequency response headphones demonstrate “powerful and rich bass, crystal clear clarity and purity across the entire audible range.”

According to the manufacturer the frequency range from 6 to 40 000 Hz sensitivity ā€“ 104 dB/mW. In front and rear of the headphone enclosure ports Denon’s Acoustic Optimiser ā€“ they equalize the air pressure in front and behind drivers and pass low frequencies without distortion.

Foam nozzles Comply TX400 memory foam provide a secure fit. Radial cascade damper made by special technology Denon; it was to isolate the earphones from any external noise transmitted by cable, for example, by friction about clothes (the so-called microphone effect).

Three-button remote with built-in microphone allows you to control the functions of the iPhone to turn on and turn off the music, switch songs, adjust volume, and answer or terminate incoming calls. Pressing the center button of the remote control you can call the voice assistant Siri.

Along with the headphones became available Denon Audio, allowing you to playback and adjust the sound to suit preferences. Simple interface supports playlists and allows access to various radio stations and millions of songs via TuneIn Internet Radio.

Model AH-C621R presented in black or white colors. The cost of new items in Russia is 5 790 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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