Elgato has introduced 5 devices compatible with HomeKit

Company Elgato announced 5 new devices range Eve that is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Among them, the second generation of smart thermostat Thermo Eve and Eve door Lock.

New valve thermostats a touch screen and temperature sensors. It will be available from the 26th September at a price of $ 60. The value of the remaining four products will be announced later. Among them: door lock, smoke detector, window alarm and irrigation system of the soil.

Castle Eve Lock and Eve smoke detector Smoke was developed in partnership with Yale University. The device supports HomeKit and Siri, implement guest mode: you can give your friends virtual keys to his house.

Eve Window Guard—the development of a sensor opening the window offered by Elgato for several years. The sensor detects as a global window state and position. Any change is displayed on an iPhone through Push notifications.

New features HomeKit in iOS 11 allowed to create a water valve Aqua Eve. He keeps records of water provides the irrigation schedule and makes recommendations on watering plants.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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