Exceeding expectations: Apple accounted for another quartal review

It’s no secret that Apple is not a simple electronics manufacturer. For a better understanding of this contemporary phenomenon is necessary to consider it from different sides, and despite the fact that most enthusiasts are more concerned with technical and software developments from the company, it’s hard not to mention its financial results. Moreover, to boast of this time there are quite than.

Financial performance:

  • Revenue — $ 51.5 billion (for the same period in 2014 to 42.1 billion)
  • Net profit of 11.1 billion dollars (in 2014 — 8.5 billion dollars)
  • The diluted earnings per share of 1.96 per dollar (last year — 1,42 USD)
  • Available funds — about 206 billion dollars (155 billion against a year earlier)


  • iPhone — 48 million units (in 2014 — 39,3 million)
  • iPad — 9.8 million units (in 2014: 12.3 million)
  • Mac 5.7 million computers (in 2014: 5.5 million)
  • iPod — data not shown
  • Apple Watch data not shown

Apple’s revenue (dynamics):

Sales dynamics iPhone, iPad and Mac:

On what makes Apple?

Services Apple:

  • Income from services Apple — $ 5 billion (4.6 billion a year earlier)
  • Sell iPod, Apple TV and accessories Apple brought more than three billion dollars (1.9 billion last year)

Interesting facts and allegations:

  • 30% of new iPhone users came from Android
  • In the app store for Apple Watch more than 13 thousand programs
  • Apple’s revenues from the corporate segment increased by 40 %
  • Apple News use 40 million people
  • China has become a major market for Apple
  • Services Apple bringing in less revenue than the Mac
  • Apple has received 50 billion dollars of available funds in one year
  • Tim cook expects growth of sales of Apple TV

Of course, the market reacted to news growth of quotations: the price of Apple shares rose in subsequent trading. Due to the gradual saturation of the market achievements of cupertinos look particularly impressive, but their growing dependence on the iPhone a few concerned investors. Collin Gillis, an employee research firm BGC Financial, said the main reason for some scepticism among financiers.

In fact, Apple copes with its task, but the market continues to demonstrate saturation and sales figures — the corresponding dynamics. In these conditions, the notorious dependence on the iPhone does not let the investors relax, says Colleen.

In turn, Apple CEO Tim cook in conversation with CNBC reporters noted that in the Chinese market, the company does not lose positions, but also takes to new heights: despite a five percent lag the revenue growth rates from last quarter, in a one-year term, the current success is expressed almost wholly up to 12,52 billion. The volumes of supply in the region, according to cook, has also increased almost twice due to the high rate of migration of users on iOS.

In General we can say that Apple remains extremely profitable investment. Of course, no giant is not immune to the fluctuations that periodically occur in the market, market, however, the practice of recent years shows: to please the financiers in Cupertino do not forget.

To compare the current results with Apple the previous quarter, you can go to our website.

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