Apple, where is the promised Thunderbolt Display?

From the moment when Apple started selling the current generation Thunderbolt Display, it’s been five years. This is probably one of the few products of the company with such a large update cycle. And now there’s only one question: and whether, in fact, a long-awaited update?

Apple could release an updated Thunderbolt Display in 2013, to add to it USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2 and new cool design. But for some reason the Corporation decided not to do it — they continued to sell the old generation with a screen diagonal of 27 inches.

First, it was assumed that Apple will update its display and to add up to 4K. However, the iMac with 5K resolution proved that the company’s broader vision and wants to provide its customers with the latest equipment. And who will need an external monitor with 4K when you can add a little and buy a full candy bar?

So if the update will be, already with 5K, but that the majority of the Mac supported external monitors with such a resolution. That’s why Apple could decide to “freeze” the update to 2016-2017 years. And then all will happen either this or next year.

However, does not calm the fact that the market for external monitors are not so attractive to Apple and the Corporation can never be an updated version of its legendary monitor.

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