Experience how the iPad may affect the further development of the Apple Watch

The so-called “smart” watches Apple Watch has rightfully won the title of most popular wearable gadget. Despite the power of public opinion and universal censure, the device slowly but surely continues to gain market share and true heart, and not so gadget fans. However, Apple continues to prefer to remain silent on the sales of hours, mixing them with various accessories, among which were noted the cases, headphones and chargers. But, it would seem, at what here iPad?

Interestingly, the fate of tablet computers from Apple directly connected with smart watches, and it is from this realization by the manufacturer depends on the further development of the entire line of Apple Watch. To further my reasoning became more apparent, I propose to plunge into the memories and stroll down memory lane of the past years, when the iPhone have not been as functional, and the iPad gained popularity among users.

Proposed by Steve jobs in 2010 the concept of a device with a large screen at first was very cool perceived by the audience. Even among longtime Apple fans went to a variety of gossip, which, however, later resulted in record sales presents “pills”. And let the first iPad did not possess the lion’s share of the functions which today seem to us to be imperative, it forced the industry to really shudder.

However, a little less than a year later the world was presented iPad second generation, sales records which still failed to beat any other “tablet”. Obzavedshimsya the front and rear cameras, a more powerful processor and significantly “thinner” body, the gadget has become a worthy successor of the ideas of the ruler. It is noteworthy that the majority of users to this day considered the ideal tablet.

Then there was The New iPad equipped with Retina display that is already at the time of its release was not equipped with the most advanced hardware, which, of course, affected his popularity. However, here the audience was split in two, the first half which was absolutely sure that the tablet you need to buy only because of his supercatchy images, while the other part stubbornly insisted that in the Apple it was the dark times, but because the product is not approved by Steve, to take definitely not worth it. Anyway, after another 8 months under the guise of left iPad 4, the appearance of which many do prefer not to notice, because with him was presented and iPad mini. Needless to say that the latter made a splash on the market. Realizing this, Apple decided to unify the entire line of tablet PCs, driving in them under common standards both from a design point of view, and from technical. Judging by financial reports of previous years, this has helped, bringing the company billions of dollars in profit and growing sales.

“So why all this tirade?!”, — scolded me impatient reader.

The truth, as they say, somewhere nearby. The gradual introduction of innovations and technological refinements in the form of a screen with high resolution, two gigabytes the “bar” of RAM and (almost) console-quality graphics could not be infinite. And – strange thing – to a much lesser extent concerned with the iPad than avid iPhone users who prefer to be updated almost every year.

Something similar may well happen with the Apple Watch, however to expect the repetition of history will not last long. Perhaps the second and third clock generation can boast of substantial increases in battery life, new features in the form of “smart” alarm or perhaps monitor. And then? What “stuff” watch, which is a small device for receiving incoming notifications? Perhaps, then, we propose a more lightweight and slim body, bright and not fading in the sun and, what the hell, even a round case and scanner Touch ID. But we are far away from being called a real innovation. And Watch Pro with its own stylus close by.

Right now the market for smart watches is on the stage adaptation. Perhaps in a year – not more – will become definitely clear, consumers are in dire need for wearable gadgets, or they will remain a safety net for the geeks. Considerable role in this matter can play Apple that simply has to get rid of the shackles of pride and previous success, and again become on the path of innovation.

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