Turn iPhone into a thermal imaging camera along with Seek Thermal

I think we found the solution to the annual puzzle called “what to present for New year.” And this is not just another gift set or iPhone (the current course). Recently we in edition were incredibly interesting device that turns your smartphone into a real camera! Now tell you more.

Seek Thermal is fairly compact and easy to use thermal imager with many possible applications both in the home and in the workplace. Forget about expensive cameras with their own screen, which cost an enormous sum of money. Seek Thermal is connected directly to your iPhone and uses it as a screen and a computing machine.

To us, the device came in a small black box indicating the main parameters of the gadget and compatibility, because there is a version not only for iPhone but also for Android smartphones and tablets.

Inside a small in addition to instructions we found the camera and protective case that is certainly still useful. No charging cables and other rubbish: Seek Thermal doesn’t need charging, this is not a standalone device. Fed the camera from your smartphone or tablet, which makes it even more convenient to use.

The gadget connects to your iPhone conveniently through the Lightning and immediately prompts you to download the appropriate app from the App Store with a similar name.

Camera equipped with a special focusing ring, so you can adjust the sharpness of the image. The manufacturer describes its device bold slogan “See the invisible”. Well, let’s see if it actually is.

Matrix imager equipped with 32 thousands of pixels, the imaging frequency is 9 Hz ā€” not bad for a device that in size approaches the toothpick. The infrared camera determines the temperature with incredible accuracy operating range from -40 to +330 degrees Celsius and instantly transfers the thermal picture of the object.

By the way, it is convenient to connect the camera to the device using the cable-adapter, but it is more important for gadgets with Android on Board.

The app is very cool. First, you can select the unit of measurement of temperature and color palette. In addition, the possibility of setting up images, work with captured images. Available in different modes:

  • The conclusion is simple symbols with the selected palette
  • Digital temperature gauge in point of the shot
  • The figures of maximum and minimum temperature
  • Display area with temperature, which shows its maximum and minimum value. Useful for instantly determining the temperature, including heart failure, when limbs feel cold.

In addition, you can define where the object temperature is higher than normal, and then thus to identify the elements subject to overheating. For example, to check the status of transactions without having to open the flap.

It is also convenient to determine the condition of the battery and other heating elements. If, for example, batteries built into the wall, this is a real find: the hapless master can’t accidentally drill through the pipe and leave you not only without heat, but with a flooded apartment.

Hear strange noises all around the dark? Left alone in a big house, and there is no lighting around? Thermal imaging cameras can quickly detect the intruder.

Another useful case ā€” the search of the car, which arrived recently, or are still people. On the typical heat in the engine compartment this can be determined. But if the whole machine is “burning”, it means the owner does leave her just a few moments ago.

I don’t know where the heat comes out of the house or bath? With a thermal imaging camera to detect leaks easier. Just aim it at the window or the seams and you will immediately see where you want to install insulation.

A very useful mode of determining the temperature, when part of the screen is displayed in standard form, and the other part is the determination of temperature. You can look at the object in real time to see how he is doing. This largely relates to transactions: for example, we have set where in the office it is prone to overheating and have taken measures to prevent short circuits.

Special color palette allows you to customize the visual display of the object more clearly and to determine its thermal state.

To identify the main sources of heat in the room? Elements of a computer or laptop that overheats? Easily!

In General, the device is incredibly useful with many applications ā€” assured you will find and also will be able to see the invisible. By the way, the imager can buy on this site.

Most men will be delighted with this gift!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! Iā€™m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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