Why is the a10 processor will remain dual-core

Year Apple improves its a-series processors, increasing performance and reducing power consumption. But while competitors continue to increase the number of cores and megahertz, engineers “fruit” companies still ignore this trend. But why?

It turns out that the performance of the vast majority of apps, including games, depends much more on the power of each of the cores, not their number. In fact, the chips may stay with single core, because not every program can pull the potential of two or more thereof. Doubt? Start the proverbial “tanks” World of Tanks Blitz on the iPad and comparable Android tablet and compare the level of graphics and fps.

Moreover, the plurality of cores has a negative impact on the overall autonomy of the device, despite the lower total power, because to serve each of them spent far more energy. Of course, many chip manufacturers make their designs really “smart” that allows you last when you need to enable and disable the extra cores while optimizing battery consumption. But why such tricks, if fully realize this power does not work? However, Apple is not trying to flirt with numbers, producing dual chips that are significantly higher than desktop solutions.

However, the question of whether not the only one in this list. Another no less important aspect is savings. Yes, that’s right. Apple, like any other company, monitors its financial condition, constantly trying to reduce production costs of components. “Redrawing” of the production process and changing the architecture of the chips will require substantial cash infusions, but if not see the difference, why pay more?

Also, despite the idealized “Apple” technology, each of the two cores occupies a lot of space inside the chip is about 13 square millimeters or 14% of the total area. Adding another core will certainly lead to the increase of the “stone” and, as a consequence, increase the size of the device.

As practice shows, much more preferable is not a performance processor chip and graphics, which Apple pay attention. Let us recall the performance of the iPad Pro, which far surpassed the results of the MacBook. Not every laptop will cope with the installation of 4K video, what can we say about the tablet, but iPad Pro. Even per core “prosci” individually more productive than the chip AKH “full”.

In short, the introduction of third or fourth cores are in the development of the a10 processor is, perhaps, hardly makes sense. Besides, Apple will retain the right to boast that its chips with two cores much more powerful OCTA-core solutions of competitors.

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