Experts tell how to prevent the hacking of your iPhone via Siri

In iOS, there was a bug related to voice assistant Siri. The security gap opens access to some settings on a locked iPhone. That is, any person can turn on or off, for example, the option data transmission in a cellular network or a Bluetooth module.

The head of the Zecurion Alexey Raevskiy in an interview with Life told about how to cope with this vulnerability. The expert noted that iPhone owners do not panic.

“The threat is not so serious, in fact, because data access in this case no one will get, he said. ā€” Those who wish to harm the owner of the phone will only be able to turn off the cellular network or turn on airplane mode. Nothing bad will happen, just unpleasant and unexpected”.

However, the user can easily prevent these problems.

“To protect yourself, just in the settings for Siri to specify use only in the case when the phone is unlocked. Then this error will not occur, ā€” explained the expert.

Earlier it was reported that to access data on the iPhone enough to say Siri is the phrase “Cellular connection” or “Bluetooth” to on the display switch of the specified option. Interestingly, when prompted, say “Disable cellular” or “Enable cellular” virtual assistant first asks to unlock the smartphone. In the same way it provided access to other settings in the form of switches.

Errors confirmed in all versions of the mobile operating system Apple iOS 9.0 on 10.3.2, and in the current beta version of iOS 10.3.3.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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