Game ARK: combat Evolved was released on iOS

Developers increasingly carry PC games on a mobile system, which can not but rejoice. The ARK Survival Evolved and it is now available in the App Store. It is reported 9to5Mac.

ARK: Survival Evolved originally appeared in early access in Steam, then received the support of the consoles, and now released version for smartphones and tablets. And it is not inferior to their older counterparts: the developers moved all the quests, crafting and the ability to tame dinosaurs.

The game challenges players by forcing them to survive and thrive on a mysterious island. Initially, the main character will not be no weapons, no assistants, therefore , to maintain life, you need to collect resources, make tools to hunt and create shelter. As you progress through the players will be available for taming dinosaurs, the creation of the tribe’s collective survival with other users.

ARK: Survival Evolved quite demanding product, so it is only available on relatively new devices. Interestingly, the game has support for ARKit, which is also supported by a limited number of Apple gadgets.

Yes, there are in-app purchases, but you can easily do without them. In addition, developers can be easily forgiven, because on other platforms ARK: Survival Evolved is 1000.

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