Autopilot Apple will be able to determine where the user

Apple keeps trying to make the smartest possible way. June 14, 2018 U.S. Patent and trademark Office has published a document outlining the principles of operation of the navigation system of the automobile autopilot Apple.

The patent application includes various methods through which the autopilot will be able to recognize the user’s intentions and to find out where it wants to go “the driver”.

Steering wheel or joystick controller is not connected with the car mechanically, instead they will transmit signals to the electronic systems.

For example, if the car owner or other authorised user says he needs to go to a large retail store, the autopilot asks for some details to clarify the intent. If the person responds that he would like to buy some plants for your garden, the machine needs to understand that she should find a Parking place near the entrance with the words “gardening” or similar in meaning.

The system of self-government must recognize the gestures. If the owner says “Park there” and shows a target hand, which is clutching a smartphone, the machine can connect to the phone’s accelerometer to determine the desired direction, and then to recognize important landmarks.

Apple believes that the above principles will help to make the autopilot more independent and will simplify the communication between man and machine. People will be able to save routes to commonly visited places and drive cars, giving a natural voice commands.

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