Google has unveiled a Home Hub — the new center of the smart home

Google Home Hub combines the capabilities of a smart home control and media content. It is equipped with LCD-display, speakers, microphone includes Google assistant.

The device allows you to interact with all major services Goolge — maps, calendar, music, photos, Youtube and others. The user can configure a sequence of actions to voice commands. For example, if you say “Good morning, Google” device will show the time, weather, the most convenient way to get to work and key tasks from the calendar for that day. In addition, the Home Hub is able to distinguish people by voice and when prompted say the information necessary only for the person who asked the question.

Google suggests to use the Hub for the kitchen, as it allows not to dirty the device is soiled with food by the hands and lead with your voice. The user can search for recipes, watch videos on YouTube with the cooking process of a dish, and manage the kitchen of the smart home. For example, to increase the temperature of the water or put a timer in the furnace.

In addition, users can see the image from the electronic eye on the door, as it automatically displays the picture from the camera when someone wants to visit you at home. It is possible to control home thermostats, curtains, any sensors that are compatible with the Home Hub, all through one device.

Google Home Hub will be available on October 26 in America, Australia and the UK at a price of $ 149.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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