Google invited iPhone owners on virtual gay pride parade

Users of iPhone have offered to participate in a virtual gay pride parade. Google has announced the launch of project #prideforeveryone, through which everyone can be in the midst of festive processions, without leaving own apartment.

In the framework of this project it is planned to capture the parade of LGBT minorities in 25 countries around the world, using the camera shooting with 360 degrees. As said Google Vice President of marketing Arjan Dyck, this initiative should help to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration for those people who can’t physically attend the parade, or simply do not want to go there for fear of being ostracized from friends and relatives, writes Life.

Panoramic recording of gay pride parades can be viewed on YouTube or on your smartphone iOS and Android through the helmet virtual reality Google Cardboard.

Google cites research organization Pew Research Center, according to which more than half of the representatives of sexual minorities, States have never attended pride marches due to the pressure exerted by society. Dyck noted that the project is dedicated to the tragic events in Orlando and is designed “to support the LGBT community in this difficult moment.”

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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