Have not installed macOS Sierra? Apple would convince you

Still have not updated to macOS Sierra? Apple seems to have found a way to convince you to install an updated version of its desktop operating system. Really do that very peculiar ā€” she will download on your Mac the setup file.

According to the publication, The Loop, soon many Mac users will be able to detect on their computers setup file macOS Sierra. If the device has enough free space and enabled automatic download from the App Store, the file will appear automatically.

To install the system or not ā€” the choice remains yours. However, it is obvious that if you are downloading by yourself do not have, more users will want to install the update in one click.

If you do not wish to receive such message from Apple, turn off automatic downloads. This can be done in the settings of the Mac App Store.

In General, owners of older Mac 2013 I would advise you to install a new macOS Sierra. New and really useful features very much, and at the moment, the system works quite stable.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! Iā€™m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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