Hit the Light: neon arcade iPhone

Neon lights is back in fashion. Among the most popular games in the App Store today Hit arcade stands out the Light — we have already tested it to see what lies its success.

Hit the Light catches the eye with its brilliance. The player’s task is to break neon images using balloons and other tools. The user can adjust their speed and direction, and his main task — in the shortest possible time to destroy the entire image. Special plus arcade is that its interface is intuitive and straightforward: to start the game just click a couple of buttons, never registering or creating a personal account, which then just distracts with unwanted messages and notifications.

The game can be downloaded for free, and for this reason in it, as in the other free apps have ads. It is reflected at the bottom of the device display and not distract from the game.

The number of weapons in the game are limited. In addition to the balls there are bombs to guide them in the right part of the neon figures. Once in it, the bomb explodes, destroying certain elements of the image. If you miss, the next place to drop bombs part with backlight starts to blink. This gives the game realism: together with good graphics such details draw attention that leaves a positive impression on Hit the Light like from the arcade, which obviously did not at the knee and with all professionalism.

Of the powerups the player can use the emeralds, like those that are Temple Run and Angry Birds. They can be exchanged for extra life in that case, if guns ended, and the image is not destroyed.

In our opinion, Hit the Light — a game for those who want to kill the time, but don’t want to give up high-quality graphics and simple and intuitive controls that will not be burdened with unnecessary and Intrusive advertising. It doesn’t capture, the same as Temple Run and there is an infinite number of points that you can earn by playing without errors. On her side, a realistic and colorful, and it’s really captivating.

To purchase Hit the Light free in the App Store.

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