How much you ask for the iPhone 8? And another 4 questions for the September Apple presentation

Seven days — in the “Theatre of Steve jobs” the world will introduce a new iPhone. The discussions are hot.

Called “frameless” iPhone?

In the marketing Department of Apple are no idiots. While Samsung and LG are puffed up with a “mini-flagships” and “subliminally” (selling them with the promise of “almost as good, but cheaper”), in Cupertino said, “masterpiece iPhone and iPhone Plus is even better. Let’s see what he can (work longer, to blur backgrounds on portraits, etc.)!”

So without a chance: iPhone 7s and 8 do not show at the same time, because in the minds of companies in the index, or its relevance. Ah, the “eight”? The rest is junk — what’s the point if 2017?

Alternative names enough:

    • iPhone Pro;
    • iPhone XE;
    • iPhone [Decade] Edition — in honor of the tenth birthday of the first iOS smartphone;
    • Simply iPhone.

In 2015 the number lost MacBook, last year — iPad, why not again to offer a single, versatile phone for all?

How much money Apple will ask for the new flagship?

A direct competitor of the iPhone Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Samsung estimated at 70 thousand rubles, and independent sources of single — and iPhone 8 will rise compared to the previous generation, but how? Tweet Benjamin Gaskin announced:

  • iPhone 8 with 64 GB — $ 999;
  • iPhone 8 with 256 GB — $ 1099;
  • iPhone 8 GB with 512 — 1199 dollars.

If you focus on prices in the official store — iPhone 8 will cost 81.5 thousand rubles.

Swiss financial holding UBS does not agree with Goscinnym talking about 900 dollars for the most affordable model. Keep your fingers crossed.

That will add the kit iPhone 8?

The high cost must be justified. Reddit hope for the AirPods in the box (headphones still deliver 2-3 weeks after the order. They say that Apple artificially slows down sales, as is demand for “eight” to which the accessory will be a gift). The second question would add to the kit docking station for wireless charging?

Say whether on the stage “One more thing”?

“But… there’s something else,” — said Steve jobs presentations. The hall was quiet, everyone in the audience felt the most important part of the speech.

In mid-August, Swatch (the watch manufactures) registered the trademark “One More Thing” in 44 countries. I wonder whether it will stop Tim cook from quoting predecessor, and if it doesn’t…

What will be the next “One more thing”?

When Apple wants to show a gadget or technology until the day of the premiere — the information does not leak through the walls of Chinese plants and accounts in social network Weibo. Proven the Apple Watch and the HomePod.

iPhone 8 (whatever his called) is that the posters in the metro is not posing, he is anything but intriguing. What’s the surprise naughty fans? App store for smart speakers? Opportunities ARKit?

Meet September 12 — wonder and discuss.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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