Why do you need iPad Pro?

First professional tablet from Apple will soon go on sale, but many potential consumers have not yet decided on the choice. Should you buy the iPad Pro, and if so, who and why?

12.9-inch tablet, according to Apple, more designed for people who wish for one reason or another to replace his laptop and change to something more modern and comfortable to use. Thus, it is expected that the iPad Pro will be a complete workstation for a wide range of users. He will be able to act as a “typewriter” for journalists and copywriters. Thanks to the excellent color reproduction and high-definition display Retina, will be a great help in the work of photographers. Moreover, the iPad Pro along with the stylus Pencil is able to please designers and architects, that is so important to interact with a stylus. But what if you do not belong to any of the above categories?

A device with a screen size of 12.9 inches, it can be helpful to address some of the everyday tasks. As blasphemous as it may sound, but the iPad Pro may be an excellent mini-cinema, to watch movies on which is a pleasure. This, of course, if money’s not a problem, because with the current exchange rate the cost of “prosci” for many will be a repulsive factor. But it all depends. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to experience the charm of MacBook Pro Retina you have an iPad Pro, which is largely able to even surpass his technical relative.

If you are not one of those who zealously argues that better desktop OS X, no nothing, can also try the iPad Pro. No doubt, web surfing, typing, watching photos and video editing “tablet-giant” manage to cheer. He is able to “digest” even rendering videos in 4K and 3D modeling. And contribute to this impressive device specs: 64-bit processor AH, as much as 4 GB of RAM and a powerful battery.

About the pen Pencil is worth mentioning separately. Despite the covenants of Steve jobs, Apple has decided to release its stylus, which acted as a kind of ideological Supplement the functionality of the iPad Pro. Thanks to a special set of sensors, the pen recognizes not only the many gradations of depression, but the degree of inclination that allows you to work with him as with a real pencil. If you doubt that Apple is not having such experience could create something worthwhile, then relax ā€“ the development of the stylus has engaged experts from Wacom. And so you can trust them.

You are a novice artist or a professional with years of experience? iPad Pro will suit both, because it was created with an eye to the future, absorbing the whole creative potential of the authors.

Using Smart Keyboard, you will be able to experience the charm and convenience of working with text and keyboard. Forget about Bluetooth-sync it anymore. Use the new “smart” connector of the iPad Pro using magnets firmly put to itself the accessory. If you are serious about comfortable typing, then you should definitely consider “Proshka” as a purchase.

As for the software for the iPad Pro, here, everything is just fine. Thousands already available in the App Store apps will be compatible with the new “tablet”, and professionally oriented ON not have long to wait. The developers are already working on the creation of new programs, optimizing them for best performance.

To date, Apple offers us to choose one of three flagship iPad models: mini 4, Air 2 and Pro. Perhaps, the last “tablet” provides far more opportunities for work and creativity. If you are not deterred by the huge size, weight or price ā€“ the choice is obvious.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! Iā€™m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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