How to create Memoji on iPhone X

One of the major innovations of iOS 12 — the emergence of personalized Animoji. Now everyone can feel like Kim Kardashian. Edition MacDigger says how to create your animated smiley.

Memoji will only appear in iOS 12. A new version of the operating system will be released in the fall of 2018. Until the official release to try out personal Animoji can developers and program participants of the open beta. The innovation will work on smartphones with Face ID.

In order to create Memoji need:

  • open “Messages”;
  • click the button Animoji — face monkeys;
  • click on “+”;
  • and start customizing personal smiley;
  • on completion you need to click on the button “Finish”.

In Memoji you can customize the skin color, the gender of your character, hair color and hairstyle.

The user can choose the shape of the eyes, color and shape of the lips and even the appearance of the ear!

Optionally, you can choose earrings and other accessories.

To get closer to the prototype, you can configure the length of the beard and its form.

Sunglasses and hats will complete the look.

Fresh Memoji will be saved in the library with the rest of the animated emoticons.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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