How to run Internet Explorer on Mac

Microsoft has developed a special software tool RemoteIE, which allows you to run Internet Explorer on computers and mobile devices running macOS, iOS and Android. It does not require the use of an operating system or virtual machine. The service is based on technology Azure RemoteApp.

This approach carries several advantages. It allows you to “MacOS users” to be in familiar surroundings and avoid the expense of buying new devices or operating systems to access the browser. RemoteIE uses the infrastructure of Windows Server Remote Desktop Services, implementing data streaming from the cloud to the device. The downside of this approach can be slow performance of the browser.

How to run Internet Explorer on macOS:

Step 1: Install the Mac Remote Desktop app from Microsoft. It is available at this link.

Step 2: Open the remote, log in using an account @hotmail, @live or @outlook. Access to the service completely free.

Step 3: Choose your nearest server.

Step 4: On your Mac launch the Remote Desktop application you downloaded in step 1.

Step 5: select Remote Desktop Azure Remote App. The service works on the basis of infrastructure services, Windows remote desktop Server.

Step 6: Sign in to Microsoft Azure under your account. In the drop down menu select Internet Explorer

Step 7: double click on the IE link North Europe with EdgeHTML the Remote Desktop application.

That’s all. Now you can use Internet Explorer in macOS environment. It should be noted that this product is aimed more at users and developers, helping to create content for the latest version of IE browser from any platform. Developers will be able to access Internet Explorer it is not only computers, but tablets and smartphones.

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