How to set dark mode to Mojave hot keys

Dark mode macOS Mojave is one of the most popular functions of an operating system, but there are situations when in constant use, this option is not necessary, but in some moments it can be useful.

For example, if the user is in normal mode, but for presentations it is necessary to use dark mode, you can assign a key combination to activate function. About how to do it, wrote in his blog developed by Ilya Birman.

To do this you need an application to automate the Spark (not to be confused with a mail client) or any other creating labels using scripts.

  • Run the application and create the AppleScript.
  • Specify the key combination and enter the following commands:
  • tell application “System Events”

    tell appearance preferences

    set dark mode dark mode to not

    end tell

    end tell

  • Save by pressing “Create”.
  • Now left click the “Start Spark Daemon” and you can enable/disable dark mode hot keys.
  • This same script can be written in the embedded application Automator, but each time you turn on dark mode keys, the program in which you are activating the script will ask permission. It is therefore easier and more convenient to use apps to create shortcuts from third-party developers.

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