How to start a full-fledged Twitter on Apple Watch

Last year he became Twitter client for the Apple Watch. Therefore, the developer will Bishop released app Crisp with the aim to bring the social network to watch ā€“ according to 9to5Mac.

In fact, Crisp ā€“ good old Twitter with all features client for iPhone, only smaller. It has search, images, support Timeline, the ability to post tweets, view popular at the moment, topics, like and retweet posts and more.

Developer Crips will Bishop is also known for its Reddit client for the Apple Watch. It provides full access to the famous social networks on a small screen, and all its main functions are stored.

Crips available in the App Store absolutely free, but has in-app purchases. Without them, it is possible to do and the app won’t constantly beg for money. The user may independently choose the amount you want to pay for PRO features of the application.

All fans of Twitter, which previously actively used social network on their Apple Watch, be sure to download and try the Crips. Apparently, the company permanently removed the official client from the App Store, so hope for his return makes no sense.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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