How to turn your iPhone into a gaming console

The company Gamevice is one of the few in the industry whose gaming accessories for the iPhone is not only Apple certified, but are sold in the official store “Apple” brand. This week the market received a new controller for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that allows you to turn a smartphone into a portable gaming console.

The gaming controller Gamevice is something that deprived owners of the flagship smartphone Apple — standard headphone Jack. Lightning connector is also present, but is designed only for recharging, not controller, and the phone itself.

When connecting to the Lightning connector, the controller offers to download the application Gamevice Live where you can find games that support this accessory. Many games can be controlled via buttons, joysticks and triggers. In the same Real Racing even appear on-screen hints about what to press on the controller instead of the virtual buttons on the screen. In total, the joystick adapter supports more than 900 games for iOS.

The Gamevice controller decided to abandon separate battery, rightly assuming that it could be powered by the smartphone itself. As a result, the accessory has become much easier than the previous generation model. Important part of of the energy it consumes no more than Lightning headphones.

Cost controller Gamevice Controller for iPhone in the online Apple store is $ 99.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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