I tried everything and went back to the standard apps

Why had discount programs that are already installed on the iPhone. And how to upgrade their capabilities in a few clicks.

Presentations Apple regularly boasts about the number of apps in the App Store. Meanwhile, all the experienced users have long understood — hundreds of thousands of downloaded programs is useless, and the percentage is really high quality software small. Offhand, attention is given approximately 1/100 part of the total that is created by the developers.

If you do not be afraid to purchase apps at some point find themselves in an unenviable position. All just bored: it is possible to try all know, all email clients, all gametocyte or task managers. Disappears natural interest and a special buzz from the use of technology.

Fortunately, to solve this problem is also quite simple — you need to remove third-party programs from your smartphone/tablet. I tried it with all the software, which has a replacement in the form of standard, pre-installed software, and was pleasantly surprised. Tell us why everyone should do so.

Constraints are useful

To argue here is useless — functionality, for example, the standard “Notes” or “Reminders” of the inferior solutions from third-party developers. In the end, I go: more demanding users find specific software, and all the rest use the fact that and no need to install.

But this truth has another side to it. The restrictions imposed after the return to the origins (that is, remove all third-party apps), actually useful. They are forced to optimize their work.

For example, knowing about the lack of convenient sorting by tags, I more accurately take notes — they are neatly organized in folders and the most important overhead.

Taking only a standard camera instead of a Halide or Lightroom, get rid of the habit to rely on broad capabilities for editing RAW files. I began to spend more time setting the exposure when shooting, not post processing.

Using a combination of a “Calendar” and “Reminders” is crammed with features, task managers, became more rational division of labour: all events can now be added via Siri.

The less apps, the better they learn

One of the main concerns about using the pre-installed software was boredom. So if you are tired of complicated and well-thought options, simple programs are also bored on the first day. The opposite was true — the limitation spurred to dig deeper.

For example, I got to the bottom of the application Workflow Automator action that allows you to chain together multiple programs. You say that it is cheating — app to outside. So, hardly: Workflow recently belonged to Apple and acts only as a link between the different elements, so the rules of the game, I hardly broke.

I will not continue to talk about its capabilities, as the description is not enough for a dozen pages. Move to specific examples that save me daily.

Launcher for notes

Moving text on iPhone and iPad in Notes, I created a few notes, to which we return several times a day. I will not hide — this is a list of ideas and topics. They can be used for future materials, cut, or ponder.

Was to save precious clicks and time, is to use a Workflow. The scheme is as follows: create a note, click on the icon collaboration, choose from all the options for sharing and sending links. In the enter the number or mail write your contact details (mobile/address iCloud).

In the upper right corner you’ll see the option “Copy link”. Here that is all. Then open the Workflow, create a new combination (option Normal), go to the tab Actions. Looking for the item Text, you hold him — he is transferred to a “recipe” of your mini-program. Edit a field for input, inserting there the copied link to access the note. Then add another action — Open URLs with Safari icon. Then save, called the combination at will, go to settings, choose Today Widget and check the box of your creations. So the combo will appear in the widget.

You can now enjoy the wonders of automation: clicking on the icon, you will open the target note. All only at first sight seems slow. In fact, such schemes can be cook in just a minute.

The route to the place of the next meeting

Since then, as I began to actively use a regular Calendar as a planning tool and task management, the app fails. But it turned out that it can be advantageous to combine with the cards and with a large number of meetings around the city is really convenient.

Not going to go through the whole sequence of creating this “recipe.” Gonna get to the point: Workflow allows you to add a widget upcoming appointments, clicking on which will automatically open the maps to show the route to the destination. It is outrageously comfortable and disciplinarum when planning an event, I don’t forget to consider location.

To use the hack, simply open this link from your iPhone and iPad — the Workflow will use it automatically. Will just have to add “recipe” to the library and choose a mapping application (the standard Map or Google Maps).

Widget instead of the RSS

Yes, without the beloved RSS reader, too, can do. This method is not all — a lot of sources here just will not add. But it shows again how diverse you can replace all unnecessary applications.

So the Workflow does the following — puts the app in the widget list (you can configure), which tightens the headlines of the latest articles. Click on the interested in and go to the browser to read. Add “recipe” by simply clicking on the link.

The experiments do not go unnoticed

I won’t lie — my experiment using only standard apps did not last long. I was messing around with them for a few weeks, and then I began to add to the Arsenal of third-party solutions. But did it much better knowing what is useful to me. Training in the limited capacity helps to set priorities, notice what functions are really missing and which are just wasting your time without much benefit.

The situation, in the end, was on all sides a win-win: for iPhone oslobodioci place for media, productivity is increased, and the list of possible hacking (through Workflow) expanded almost infinitely. So, this is the venture to everyone — to see what is duplicated by third-party software and a little to live without him.

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