In Canada, Uber came out with the buses

Residents in the canadian city of Belleville has created a service of buses operating on the principle of Uber. You can order them in special application or by phone. Like a car, the bus can be filed within few minutes.

The project was designed by residents in collaboration with the municipality. According to the authors, the Uber for buses will help modernize the public transport network in Belleville. Most buses move around the city empty (at night they transported a total of 40-50 people), but now that it is possible to cause the vehicle to any convenient place, the number of passengers is growing steadily.

The service is currently available only in the evenings and at night. Changed and the usual route: they are arranged in accordance with the customer’s order. This allows not to waste superfluous resources for the bus, so now he only goes for popular destinations which clients of the service at the moment.

At the moment the project was launched in a pilot mode: if it is deemed successful, the city administration will establish a new system of urban transport on an ongoing basis. According to the creators of bus Uber, their idea can be implemented in other small canadian cities where there is irrational use of public transport.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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