iOS 10 will free additional space on your iPhone and iPad

Last June 13 the presentation of Apple talked about the new operating system iOS 10, which will be appreciated by owners of iPhone and iPad, lack free space on their gadgets. As it turned out, after installed on a device OS takes up less space than the previous edition of iOS.

This feature of iOS 10 are particularly relevant for owners of devices with small internal memory. For example, if a 128-Gigabyte iPhone after installation of iOS 9 were free of 113 GB of memory, then iOS 10 leaves the user a whopping 122 GB. On smartphones with 16 GB after installing iOS 9 remained at 11.9 GB, whereas iOS 10 provides 12,85 GB of memory. On average, depending on device growth is 8%.

On the efficiency of iOS 10 drew the attention of many users, the first beta version of the operating system. Apple officially, this is not misleading.

iPhone 6s with 128 GB of memory and iOS 9.3.2 (left) and iPhone 6 with 128 GB and iOS 10 beta 1 (on the right)

iOS 10, according to Apple, represents “the major release of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. The new OS has an updated Messages app, which adds features such as stickers and effects that appear on the screen. It improved interaction with Siri, as Apple Music, Maps, Photos, news received a new look. In addition, added the app to control smart appliances.

Preview iOS 10 for developers is already available for participants of the program. The public beta will appear in July, and the final version of iOS 10 debuts in the fall. OS will be offered as free upgrade for iPhone 5 and newer, all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad fourth generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6G.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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