iPhone XS was less popular than the iPhone 7

iPhone XS sold better than its predecessor X, but worse than the iPhone 7 presented in 2016. This is reported by experts of the analytical center Flurry Analytics.

For their study, experts used Flurry Analytics information from mobile applications. According to the iPhone XS showed better sales results than the iPhone X in 2017. Experts compared the sales statistics for the first two weeks after the start of sales of devices. XS ahead of iPhone 8, but could not overtake the iPhone 7.

In General, XS sold by seven percent better than the iPhone X. Analysts expect. such dynamics of disappearances will continue in the period of Christmas holidays. The experts also studied the market of iOS devices: for example, he determined that the most popular model is the iPhone 7 ( it accounts for 15.4% of the mobile devices based on iOS), followed by the iPhone 7 Plus (of 12.73%) and iPhone 6S (12.4 per cent)

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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