Mac strengthens its position in the PC market against the background of General stagnation

Agency IDC published the results of market research showed a steady increase in the proportion of Mac with a significant decline in sales of personal computers. According to statistics, the decline of performance of the Windows PC was much more significant than a year earlier. Maki, by contrast, has significantly expanded its influence beyond the niche of premium devices.

The total increase in the share of the Mac by the end of March 2016 amounted to 7.4% against the previous 6.7 per cent, providing Apple fourth place in the ranking of PC manufacturers. And here is the current market leader in the face of Lenovo lost more than 8%, which, however, has not shaken his positions. Second and third place was taken by HP and Dell, having lost 10.8% and 2% of sales, respectively.

“The results of the last quarter global shipments of personal computers fell to 60.6 million units, said IDC. – Annualized market losses amounted to 11.5%, up from 11.3 per cent as originally expected. Not the last role in the stagnation and plays the position of producers in the stock market, the value of their stock and the relation with investors […]”.

As for predictions regarding Apple, the prospects of the company from Cupertino is looking pretty rosy, and the imminent release of the updated MacBook models only fuels the interest of consumers. According to analysts, this summer Apple will introduce a 13 – inch and 15-inch MacBook with Retina display that can replace the entire line of Air.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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