MGTS to offer mobile and home Internet with no monthly fees

Local wire telecommunications operators, Moscow city telephone network (MGTS), has announced a special summer offer, consisting of mobile and home Internet, which are paid only upon the Internet. In this case, users get unlimited home Internet at a speed of 40 Mbit/s and 1 GB mobile Internet with tariff “Tablet” on the entire territory of MTS coverage.

The company noted that the proposed volume of mobile traffic will be enough for email, social networking, gadget use as a Navigator with the reflection of the traffic situation, as well as online viewing one hour and a half movie in high quality. Speed home Internet, in turn, will be sufficient for access to online games, streaming video and audio content.

The cost of Internet access in the home and the mobile network is 20 rubles per day for each service on the fact of connection, and regardless of the number of sessions. The most active Internet users will be able to increase the volume of mobile Internet traffic up to eight gigabytes per day, each additional buying traffic package for 20 rubles. Payment should be made within a month after their delivery.

Summer offer MGTS valid until the end of September 2016. October 1 for participants who continue to use mobile phones on the tariff “Tablet” will be a special price on home Internet at a speed of 40 Mbit/sec in the amount of 200 RUB./month., which is twice cheaper normal conditions.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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