Microsoft has released an update for Xbox with a number of new features

Today, October 12, Microsoft released the October update for the Xbox that contains massive improvements and many new features.

First, the console now works with voice assistant Cortana, and Alexa. Through this, you can turn on and off the console, adjust volume, run games and applications, and also to take screenshots using voice commands.

Secondly, of steel is available new Xbox avatars, which include a wide range of accessories and elements of appearance. The new editor allows you to change colors of all areas of the avatar.

The update also brought support for streaming Dolby Vision HDR for Xbox One’s and Xbox One X. to enable the option, go to “Settings” > “Display and sound” > “video Output” > “Video mode” and enable Dolby Vision.

Microsoft announced its merger with Amazon in the advertising campaign. Buying Xbox One’s and Xbox One X online store, you can get free column Echo Dot. The action will start in the coming days.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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