Microsoft teaches Cortana to proper communication

Microsoft acquired a company called Semantic Machines developing artificial intelligence to help voice assistant Cortana to conduct natural conversations.

The technology uses the power of machine learning, allowing users to discover, access and interact with information and services much more naturally with very little effort, wrote technical Department Director research and development AI David Ku.

Moreover, Microsoft will create a “dialog center for artificial intelligence,” in Berkeley, to improve the ability of Cortana to communicate and “translate conversational computing on a new level.”

Microsoft indicated that Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant can execute commands, but they can’t carry on a conversation in any meaningful way. Semantic Machines, however, have developed technology that can understand entire conversations, not just execute orders.

For a rich and effective communication intelligent voice assistants should be able to conduct a natural dialogue, not just respond to commands, commented Koo.

Semantic Machines should help Microsoft as its main product, known as the “engine talk”. It uses machine learning to determine “semantic understanding” of the conversation to capture the context and goals of the participants in the conversation, to formulate a natural conversation. The engine is based on self-renewing structure that savebuckets.

All of this interacts with a cloud platform Cognitive Services from Microsoft, introduced in 2016. It helps developers to participate in speech recognition, language understanding and artificial intelligence. Microsoft said that on this platform employs one million developers, and a further 300,000 people – in business-Azure Bot.

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