Murtazin: iPhone has long been a benchmark for the market of Chinese smartphones can do even more, and cost twice cheaper

Today the iPhone was 10 years old. The original model and subsequent Apple devices have become kind of a cult: despite the high cost and not the broad functionality of, the sale of phones, including in Russia, has grown rapidly. For many the iPhone is a symbol of luxury. But the prospects of Apple’s smartphone is not too bright. At least, so says a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group, who spoke in an interview with TASS. In his opinion, the iPhone is no longer the benchmark for the market, and the new Apple borrows ideas from its competitors.

Steve jobs was a man who made the phone for themselves, says Murtazin. His “I like” or “I don’t like” became the criterion for acceptance or rejection of a decision. The expert is confident that under Tim Cook Apple has lost its integrity and individuality. Now the ball is ruled by the collective mind, and it is always a compromise. Now the target audience of the company — a average something. The machines are made in favor of primarily the market, rather than a specific person. And this is leads to the fact that in the first half of 2016 Samsung for the first time surpassed sales of the iPhone.

Murtazin believes that the first iPhone from a technical point of view was a mediocre phone. But it had several innovations, many of which at first did not pay attention. It was a touch screen operated by fingers (at the time most touchscreen phones were controlled with a stylus).

The second important advantage of the first iPhone was that the touch display interface was perfectly designed — down to the very high quality of drawing of icons. All this, and the use of metals in vehicle body and an active marketing campaign has formed a “premium” image of the device in some countries, including Russia.

“Previously, Apple has always gone their separate ways, in many ways, it was a trendsetter. Now she is a bit lost. Apple now stands out, but their features — is a quiet horror. Humpback case, a mouse that is recharged from below, even the need to use adapter to connect your new iPhone to the new MacBook. It looks funny,” — said Eldar Murtazin.

At the same time, the company has actively copied by other manufacturers, says the analyst. “The first product that they launched without jobs, Apple Watch. The device is fully copied from the Samsung Gear, but not the last, but the first generation! It was funny — ideologically progress has moved forward, and Apple to copy it and catch up.”

Murtazin sure that the latest phone from Apple, which was “still the one”, it’s the iPhone 5. “Beginning with the 5s they lost a benchmark. The best-selling phone is the 4s model. Now iPhone has become a very expensive product, it is not clear, he is better than rivals from Samsung or even Huawei. Besides, the market was previously unknown Russian Chinese brands with devices that look no worse, becomes even more and are a half to two times cheaper than the iPhone”, — said Murtazin.

According to experts, the situation is the Apple like the story of Motorola in 2004-2005. Then came RAZR V3 phone, which had a wide popularity. But a large Corporation has become a company of one product. Apple is now so dominant product is the iPhone, but he is inferior to competitors. Apple, of course, will live, but now it’s a boring big Corporation that deals exclusively with making money.

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