News Apple, issue 140: iPad vs. Surface and the rumours about the iPhone 6c

We present to your attention the 140th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the rumors about the iPhone 6C, the confrontation between the iPad and Surface, and much more!

1. The construction of the new campus Apple is going according to plan. This is evidenced by the new videos from the site. Ready to four floor of the so-called spaceship. When the construction is completed, the building is 260 thousand square meters, will get a multi-level Parking, a fitness center with an area of nearly 10 thousand square meters and a special room, where in the future will be required to attend all events Apple WWDC to present new iPhone and iPad. Of course, no cost and no retail store of the company. It is expected that the campus will be fully ready to “check-in” at the end of next year.

2. Looks like Apple is not going to stop updating your site. Previously, the company has integrated its online store with the rest of the site, now the update got to the “My Apple ID”. He was like and further simplified the process of logging in to your account or create a new account. Have a different look and the edit window Apple ID.

3. This week started selling the Apple adapter Lightning to SD card standard USB 3.0 for iPhone and iPad. It can easily download photos and videos from your digital camera to your Apple device to view them on a Retina display and show off to friends and family. A branded accessory is already available for order in the Russian online store at a price of 2 490 rubles. The estimated delivery time is 7-10 business days.

4. December 9, Apple released update iOS 9.2, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 and tvOS 9.1. The first of them lost a few annoying bugs and got the enhanced functionality of Safari. The main feature of tvOS 9.1 is the ability to manage Apple Music with the remote Siri Remote, and installing a new version of OS X will save your Mac from a wide range of bugs.

5. December 8 in the online Apple store has a new and controversial brand enhancement — case-battery for iPhone “Smart Battery Case”. Its exact capacity is not specified, but, judging by the available characteristics, it is 1877 mAh. Accessory lets you talk on the phone up to 25 hours up to 18 hours to work on the Internet using LTE or even longer to listen to music and watch videos. Unlike many other covers, batteries, Apple is charging using the Lightning connector, like the iPhone. And inside case hiding an additional passive antenna. If they don’t help the smartphone to receive the network signal better, at least they don’t give the case with a battery to negatively affect the reception.

And all anything, if not for the price of the Smart Battery Case. It’s available in the online Apple store for 7 690 rubles. For this money you can buy 10 (or more) external batteries. So make your own conclusions. Moreover, the appearance of the Smart Battery Case, to put it mildly, not very successful.

6. Since the introduction of the first iPad Apple unconditionally was in the lead on the tablet market, and few could argue with its success. Moreover, no one could present a product that can compete with the iPad. But now it seems that Microsoft is beginning to happen, as evidenced by not only the interest in the Surface Pro 3, but the sales statistics in October 2015 in online-shops. According to this data, Microsoft was able to sell more tablets than Apple. The share of Microsoft devices was 45%, while the share of iPad decreased to 17%. The data also show that Microsoft is leading in the average cost of the sold tablets.

Of course, online sales in the USA is only a small piece of data that cannot provide a complete picture of the market. However, it is worth noting that the Microsoft products of today are becoming increasingly attractive.

7. According to reports in the Western media, Apple is planning to hold the next presentation in March 2016. It is expected that at the coming event we will show the second generation of the Apple Watch, as well as 4-inch iPhone 6c.

According to rumors, the smart watch will get a very significant set of new features. According to some reports, Apple has been working on technologies to track the phases of sleep and some “touch sensors for health monitoring”. Perhaps they could include a glucometer for measuring blood sugar or blood pressure cuff – to measure blood pressure. In addition, it was rumored that the second generation will get hours built-in camera for video calling.

Another very important and widely anticipated announcement of the iPhone 6c with a screen size of 4 inches. To avoid internal competition, the smartphone should get a “hardware” flagships of 2015, namely the processor A9, 2 GB RAM and the Touch ID scanner. As for the look of your device, it most likely will get a metal body with rounded edges and a wide palette of colors, taking the place of the least popular iPhone 5c.

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