No mining on iPhone — Apple has released new rules for apps related to cryptocurrency

Apple introduced new recommendations for application developers involved with cryptocurrencies. According to the Corporation, it will help to speed up the approval process and getting apps in the App Store.

“Regardless of whether you are a new developer or an experienced team of programmers we are glad that you are creating apps for the App Store, and want to help understand our requirements, so you can be sure that the application will speed the review process.

Applications can be used to conduct transactions or transfer cryptocurrencies on the basis of the approved principles of exchange. Programs for cryptocurrency should not offer rewards for tasks such as downloading other apps, invite other users, promotion in social networks, etc.,” reads the statement released by Apple.

According to the submitted recommendations, applications related to digital currencies should not quickly drain the battery of the smartphone, create unnecessary load and run any background processes including mining. With the exception of cases when the production of calculations involved the power of the phone, and, for example, uses cloud services.

Programs can facilitate the storage and exchange of virtual currency if they are created developers or a special organization.

The location of the cryptocurrency on the exchange must comply with all requirements existing in this area of the law.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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